Autumn in Korea Park: Nari Park and Hanuel Park Is Pinky

When come to mind about autumn in Korea park, commonly first across our mind is enjoy maple. In fact, it is also a good time to enjoy the flowers. The activity of flower viewing is not exclusive to spring, but autumn in Korea is also a good time for flower viewing.


Most visited Korea Park in Autumn


1. Yangzhou Nari Park (양주 나리공원)

Yangzhou Nari Park is located in Gyeonggi Province, is well known for its pink muhly grass spot. The best time visit here will be from September to October. There are a variety of flowers such as cosmos, amaranth, bobo grass, and pink grass, it seems to cover the entire Nari Park especially during autumn in Korea. 

  • Kochia, is a plant-like brush and changing color from green to red when the weather becomes cold.

Autumn in Korea

  • Muhlenbergia Capillaris, a grass that is purple pinkish for the top part, on the other hand, the bottom part is in green color. 


  • Purple Globe Amaranth, is a round shape flower in romantic purple color also known as everlasting flowers.

  • Sea of flower with attractive colors in Nari Park surely would not disappoint you.


The colorful flowers can be seen throughout Nari park. It is like being in a super romantic fairyland attracting a lot of people to come here. It is definitely an ideal place for taking photos. In the park, there are few popped-up stalls selling Korean food, snacks and ice cream.

Here will share the detail information of Yangzhou Nari Park. 

Best Visit Month: September to October

Operating Hours: 09:00 – 18:00

Admission Ticket:

14 – 18 years old and military 1000KRW ;

19 – 64 years old adult 2000KRW ;

65 years old above and children free admission

Getting Here:

Exit 2 of Yangzhou Station of Metro Line 1, take the No. 80 bus after crossing the road, about 15 minutes drive, get off at Haidongcun Station (해동마을)

2. Haneul Park

Haneul Park is located next to the “World Cup Stadium” in Seoul that has a large number of bobo grass, pampas grass, scorpion grass, and even autumn represents the grass.

World Cup Park situated near to Seoul World Cup Stadium.compose of five parks one of it is Hanuel Park(Sky) which is the most popular park, and the other four parks are Pyeonghwa Park (Peace), Noeul Park (Sunset), Nanjicheon Park and Nanji Hangang Park.

  • Kochia is in color ranging from light brown to red, making the scenery so beautiful.

  • Silver grass are bloom especially in the October can grow up to 2 meters height, with purplish flowers.

Autumn in Korea

  • Pink Muhly Grass definitely a favorite background image for most traveller at Hanuel Park.

Autumn in Korea


There has observing platform for the public to view the entire Haneul park of the grass field from a height. However, from the end of October to the beginning of November, Bobo grass had started withered, it is recommended to come early about at 4pm to capture this nice scene.

Here will share the detail information of Haneul Park.

Best Visit Month: October

Operating Hours: 09:00 – 17:30/18:00

Admission Ticket: FREE

Getting Here:

Option 1: Exit 1 of World Cup Stadium Station of Metro Line 6, with  10 mins walk.

Option 2: Take the golf-cart shuttle service charge (1 way 2,000 won/return 3,000 won) departing from the park entrance.

It is a preferred spot for couples to have a date, especially in mid-October where is best time to enjoy the flowers. If you want to take a romantic trip around the end of the year, don’t miss this popular attraction which happen only during autumn in Korea.

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