Coronavirus Stay Home Safe

Coronavirus Stay Home and Things You can Do

Coronavirus stay home is a safe decision for you and your family. All the frontline medical officer are fighting for the Coronavirus. We should stay home and keep safe away from Coronavirus. You can spend your time wisely when staying at home. These are the things you can do when stay home.

  1. Reorganize the goal set in beginning of 2020
    Stay home and organize the incomplete the goal which you want to accomplish after the Coronavirus epidemic.

  2. Get along with important people around you
    When you are busy working, you do not have time with your family. Now is the best time to stay home and watch TV or cook together.
    Coronavirus stay home with family
  3. Exercise to keep healthy
    You can do indoor sport as long there is space in your house.
    Coronavirus stay home yoga
  4. Chat with the elderly at home
    You can listen to their past and learn from the actions they take.
    Chat with the elderly at home
  5. Maintain a healthy body all the time
    Regardless of whether the epidemic has occurred, it is important to be aware of health. You can find some health article and search for ways to maintain health.
    Wear Mask
  6. Improve yourself with a new mindset
    Change the mindset, attitude and behaviours that make you not doing well in the past.Improve yourself with a new mindset
  7. Pay attention to small details around you
    Usually, we are busy and ignore the small and simple things, now is the time you can take note and pay attention on it.
  8. The internet network is getting more and more convenient
    This is the best time you can take some online e-course and stay safe at home.
    Coronavirus stay home online e-course
  9. Photography not necessary have to go out to shoot
    You can practice yourself at home, and your family can be a free model.
    Stay home photography
  10. Cleaning up your house now
    You can clean up your house during this period else you have no time to do it.
    Coronavirus Stay Home Clean the house
  11. Paint up your house
    New environment, new mood, you can change your home to have a new paint colour.Paint the house
  12. Start writing a diary
    Every day is a very important day in the life. You can be looking back memories next time.
    writing a diary
  13. Take this opportunity to confess with your love one
    The Coronavirus epidemic making people realize life is precious, it’s time to confess and get together with your love one.
    confess with your love one
  14. The future plan is very important
    You can find your partner sit down and discuss/plan the future together.
    important future plan

    Coronavirus Stay Home Learning

  15. Learn to cook
    Start to learn to cook healthy food yourself and family.
    Coronavirus Stay Home Healthy cooking
  16. Learn a new language
    There are a lot of free mobile phone learning apps as long as you are willing to learn while stay home.
    New language
  17. People who do e-commerce can create their own branding
    You can set up your own video channels, courses, personal websites.
    Travel blog
  18. Lifelong learning!
    You can read the article, blog or news that can inspire your mind.
    Learning Lifelong
  19. Wealth management
    For those who do not usually manage their finances, it is time to reorganize their financial situation.
    Manage money
  20. Maintain good friendship with friends
    Family and lover are important, but friends are also very important, especially those who have not been in contact for a long time.
    Friendship forever
  21. Apologies to someone you sorry for
    It is better to have one friend than one enemy.
  22. Take some photos that you usually don’t take
    You can practice the landscape photography, the scenery outside the window of your home especially the night scenery. You will feel proud of the results.
    portrait photo
  23. Organize your clothes
    Don’t stack your clothes on the chair. You can donate your clothes when the epidemic is over.
    Cloth organize
  24. Love yourself
    You are very important! Stay home from Coronavirus.
    Stay home from Coronavirus“I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us! Let’s fight Coronavirus together.” – Frontline medical workers

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