Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide for newbie

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide for First-Timer

Singapore Dream Cruise free guide on the preparation, food and activities for world dream cruise. This is the first time I took the Singapore Dream Cruise for a staycation in the sea. This guide will provide you with some information for the Singapore Dream Cruise.

All the information sharing are accessible when staying in the Balcony Stateroom. For the palace guest, you have a 24-hour butler concierge who can help you in booking all the activities. Besides that, the palace guest has more area to access in the dream cruise.

Things to prepare before Dream Cruise

1. Online check-in and get the sail pass
2. Luggage (Cabin size or Medium size)
We bring the medium size luggage that just barely can pass through the custom X-ray. If you choose to check-in the luggage to room service (free) then this may not affect you. However, you cannot estimate the time luggage will deliver to you.

3. Trace together token
Most of the places in the dream cruise require you to bring the room card, Tracey token and trace together app/token. In order to make the check-in process hassle-free, trace together token will be more convenient.

4. Highlighter pen
On the dream cruise, you will get an event brochure with all the timetables. With the help of a highlighter pen, you can mark the activity you are interested in easily.

5. Not to bring the restricted item
When we disembarkation from the cruise, we saw there is a table full of some items like extension wire, kettle, steam iron, and etc. Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing any alcohol, alcoholic drinks, intoxicating liquor, or beverages onboard the ship. Please check all the information on the Singapore Dream Cruise website.

Dream Cruise Embarkation Day

We went to the marina cruise center on the Marina South Pier MRT earlier than the assigned Covid-19 test at 3pm. We arrived about 11.15am and all the way there are a lot of crew guiding our way to do the Covid-19 test. Once you get the test result by SMS, you will get a check-in ticket before going to the departure hall.

Departure Hall Ticket

The departure hall will open around 1pm. If the time is still early, there is a free shuttle bus to Vivocity. Don’t worry about this crowd of queue, there is another waiting area base on the group check-in ticket.

Marina Cruise Center Depature Hall

After the departure hall open, we are allowed to go in for the X-ray luggage check, get the cress pass and also the Tracey token. Last but not least, we were then assigned to the group 1B seating area base on the coupon given before entering the dream cruise at 2pm.

Cruise Center Waiting Area

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide on Activities

There are a lot of activities on board you can have fun with kids, friends and family. However, there are few things you need to take note of. The dream cruise activities are divided into free, chargeable, walking in first come first serve and booking in advance is needed.

Free activity

The activities are mostly outdoor and may stop if the weather is bad. We manage to play some of the activities only because the booking is full. The 3 days 2 nights cruise is actually quite short and not enough time if you are new and a first-timer like me. We will share our experiences so that can help you pre-plan the activity in advance.

1. Dream Cruise Jacuzzi (booking needed)

The first thing you should do after putting the luggage in the room. The jacuzzi booking is located on deck 16. After that, the crew will give you the booking slip. After we finish lunch, the Q is almost more than 20 people ahead of when we pass by. Besides that, we booked the jacuzzi 1 on zouk side at 5pm which you can view the sea view at the end of the cruise. The jacuzzi at the zouk side has no shelter as compared to the main pool.

Zouk Jacuzzi

Singapore Dream Cruise Jacuzzi

2. Dream Cruise Swimming pool (booking needed)

We planned to book for the next day when booking the jacuzzi. The crew asked us to come back tomorrow. On the next day we come back but all the slots are fully booked.

Singapore Dream Cruise Swimming Pool

3. Dream Cruise Mini-Golf (booking needed)

There is only 1 mini-golf course on the cruise. We do not know we need to book in advance. The booking is full on the next day afternoon when we want to play rope course at 12pm. You may consider booking this mini-golf at deck 18 in advance if you want to play.

Dream Cruise Mini Golf

4. Table Tennis (booking needed)

There is 3 table tennis in the dream cruise. We still manage to book a slot on the next day afternoon.
Dream Cruise Outdoor Activity Booking

5. SportsPlex Basketball/football (booking needed)

There is 1 basketball in the dream cruise. We still manage to book a slot on the next day afternoon. We guess this activity is not so popular on the cruise.
SportsPlex Basketball Football6. Rope Course and Zipline (first come first serve – long Q)

The rope course and zipline cannot book in advance. You need to come during the operating hour. We come at 2.45pm for the 3pm slot. There are quite a number of people in front of us. We finish the zipline at 4.30pm and missed the vision magic show at 4pm. If you don’t like long Q can consider coming in early.

Rope Course and Zipline#Tip just brings only handphones and cruise cards. The locker is very small. No watch, jewellery and necklace are allowed too.
7. Rock Climbing Wall (first come first serve – long Q)

Rock climbing wall cannot book in advance. You need to come during the operating hour at 9am or 3pm same time as rope course. We do not have enough time for this due to the long Q situation.

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Rock Climbing8. Big Chess Board Floor (first come first serve – no Q)

The chessboard is located at the same level as the rope course and rock climbing. No booking is required, you can just play it when no people are playing.
Big Cheess Board Game9. Waterslide Park (first come first serve – no Q)

There are 5 slides in the Singapore Dream Cruise. For a beginner, the slide is 1 to 3. For amateurs, slide 4 and 5. When you standing on slides 4 and 5, the hole is quite scary. Don’t worry, just slide it and have fun.


Chargeable activity

Most of these activities are indoor. No booking is needed, you can just walk in and enjoy games and charge to your cruise card.
1. Esc EXPERIENCE LAB (VR experience)
2. Esport Arena
3. Arcade

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide on Food/Dining

The Singapore Dream Cruise package comes with inclusive dining which means you can eat for free at a certain restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurants are: Dream Dining Room level 7 (Western food), Dream Dining Room level 8 (Chinese food), The Lido (Buffet) and The Lido Snack Corner. The food served may change from time to time and base on the dream cruise theme. We can only share our experiences on this 3 day 2 nights Wonders of Japan theme.

1. Dream Dining Room level 8 (Chinese food)

We have our first lunch for Chinese food on the Singapore Dream Cruise. The reception assigns us a table. After that, we just walk to the table and the waiter will serve the Chinese food. The free beverage will be a pot of Chinese tea.

Dream Dining Room Lunch

You can just request again the food if you are not enough without extra charges. Remember to request the dessert if the waiter is busy and forget to serve you.

Add another portion

Initially, we have no idea about the menu. If there is no menu on the table, you can view the menu in the dream cruise apps.
Free Lunch Menu

Dream Daily Apps Menu Viewing

We also have a second-day breakfast at Dream Dining Room level 8 for dim sum. Unfortunately, I forget to view the menu again on the second day morning. The dim sum menu I viewed before sleep is the dim sum menu for the returning cruise breakfast.

Dim Sum Breakfast in Singapore Dream Cruise

Dream Dining Room Dim Sum Breakfast

2. Dream Dining Room level 7 (Western food)

We have our dinner for western food on the Singapore Dream Cruise. The reception assigns us a table and the food will serve at the table. For the western food, we have 3 main course selections: fish, chicken and pork. The fish is good but the pork is so so only. The drink will be plain water if you do not purchase the beverage package or order a chargeable drink.
Western Dinner Appetizer

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Western Main Course

Singapore Dream Dining Room Western Dessert

3. The Lido (Buffet)

We decided to try The Lido for our second-day lunch. The reception will assign you a table. After that, you can hunt around for the food you like. This is a buffet-style lunch. There are varieties of food you can choose from, Chinese, Indian, Malay, western, vegetarian, dessert and many more.

Singapore Dream Cruise Vegetarian

The complimentary beverage has more selection too. There are tea, coffee, apple juice, orange juice and Tropicana juice.
Singapore Dream Cruise The Lido Lunch Buffet

The Lido Lunch Buffet

The Lido Lunch Dessert

The Lido Lunch Buffet Dessert

After viewing the second day the Dream Dining Room dinner menu, we decided to go again The Lido for the second-day dinner.
Dinner Buffet

The Lido Dinner Buffet

This is again a buffet-style dinner and with Japan theme food. Apart from the normal buffet style, japan theme is added. There are varieties japan food such as sushi, Okinawa soba and japan desserts. Besides that, we also have a tasting portion of wagyu beef which is the main event for this Wonders of Japan-themed Singapore Dream Cruise.

Singapore Dream Cruise Wagyu Beef Tasting

Wagyu Beef Testing Portion

We are not sure about the dream dining room will have the same tasting portion as The Lido.

Dream Cruise Breakfast Buffet

The Lido Breakfast Buffet

#Tips Best recommend trying out second-day dinner for the theme of the cruise.

4. The Lido Snack Corner

This is the best corner for brunch, teatime and supper if you feel hungry in the Singapore Dream Cruise without spending any extra money.

Singapore Dream Cruise The Lido Snack Corner

The Lido Snack Breakfast

Besides that, you also can get tea, coffee, apple juice, orange juice and Tropicana juice if are thirsty and don’t have the beverage package. Every time pass by this corner, you can also take away the food and eat in your room.

Lido Snack Takeaway

The Lido Snack Lunch

Lido Snack Supper The Lido Snack Supper

#Tips you can only choose breakfast, lunch and dinner at either dream dining room level 7, level 8 and The Lido one time for free at meal hour. A double meal will charge at $15.
Other than the inclusive dining, there is also specialty dining such as Seafood Grill by Mark Best, Prime Steakhouse by Mark Best, Silk Road Chinese Restaurant, Hot Pot, Umi Uma, Blue Lagoon and many more. These specialty are chargeable. However, if you are staying in the palace room you can enjoy it for free. Please confirm with your 24-hour butler concierge for more information.

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide on Beverage

The free beverage is the drinkable tap water in your room. HAHA. Just kidding.

Drinkable water

You can always get drinks from The Lido Snack corner if you need it.
The dream cruise comes with a few beverage package books on the cruise that provide you more selection of drinks.
1. Beverage Package – Little Dreamers – $38 (2 nights)
You can enjoy unlimited of chilled juices, soft drinks and a Dream Cruises mug.
2. Beverage Package – Refresh – $61 (2 nights)
You can enjoy unlimited of coffees and teas, chilled juices, soft drinks and bottled water.
3. Beverage Package – Classic – $97 (2 nights)
You can enjoy unlimited of selected beers, house wines, coffees and teas, chilled juices, soft drinks and bottled water.
4. Beverage Package – Premium – $187 (2 nights)
You can enjoy of selected spirits, cocktails, mocktails, selected beers, house wines, coffees and teas, chilled juices, soft drinks and bottled water.

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide on Shows/Performances

There are 2 shows during our cruise. The Vision (Magic show) and Faith (Ukraine performance show) are booked by dream cruise apps and slots are limited. You need to take note of the booking timing stated on the apps. Besides that, the slots will open gradually every 1 hour

1. VISION (Magic show) – Booking in apps

Most of the magic tricks are related to the poker card. Besides that, there is some engagement with the audience. The magician will pick someone and pass them the tools or microphone for interaction.
Singapore Dream Cruise Magic Show

Dream Cruise VISION Show2. FAITH (Ukraine performance) – Booking in apps

The performance from Ukraine is not bad. You can spend time here watching if you don’t go to the casino.
Singapore Dream Cruise Free FAITH Performance

Dream Cruise FAITH Show3. Laser Display “Adventure”

The laser display “Adventure” shows at deck 16. You do not need any booking for this.
Singapore Dream Cruise FreeLaser Display Performance

Dream Cruise Laser Display Performance4. Live music at Sea

There are a few sessions of live music. You can just walk into the location base on first come first serve.

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Live Music at Sea

Singapore Dream Cruise Free Guide on WIFI

The Singapore Dream Cruise come with free “DREAM WIFI” that can only access all the dream cruise information for the show booking, restaurant menu, cruise directory and your payment bill. Apart from this, dream cruise also offers an internet package that allows you to get connect with friends and family. There are two types of internet packages: standard for light social media and premium for video streaming.
Besides that, the pricing is from 1 device, 2 devices and 4 devices. We subscribe to the standard 2 devices internet package for $32. So far, we can watch Facebook news, reply messages and light video streaming.
The price lists will show in the dream cruise apps. You will need to log in on the same date of birth if you purchase the multiple devices internet package.

Singapore Dream Cruise Wifi Price

Source: Dream Cruise Website

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