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World Travel

I still remember our first travel destination out of my country is Hong Kong. We bought the flight ticket because of promotion sales. This is our first time taking airplane, we take Air Asia which has a slogan "everyone can fly".


At first, we do not understand what is travel until we already addicted to it. The world is full of challenging and a lot of places that we can explore.


World travel to places where we had never been is one of our favourite things to do. We like to travel around the world looking for beautiful places and spend our time there.


If world travel is free, you will never see me again. We are constantly searching for best airline deals, accommodation and wonderful places to put inside our travel world's bucket lists.


We created Monday Go Travel blog to help people who like to travel by sharing our travel experiences, provide insightful details to readers about the destination they will like to visit, and some travel tips.


Let's Monday Go Travel with us.