Taiwan Night Market

Taiwan Night Market That You Must Visit

Top 8 Night Markets in Taiwan

Taiwan night market has become a major symbolic feature of Taiwan where you can experience the authentic culture of Taiwan. This statement came across because from the north of Taiwan to the south of Taiwan, almost every city has a night market. There are a lot of Taiwanese food that you must try and can easily explore all these famous food in Taiwan night market. One can’t tell others that he/she had been to Taiwan, if he/she never being to Taiwan night market. In this post, I will recommend the top 8 Taiwan night markets that should visit.

1. Shilin Night Market, Taipei

Shilin Night Market is Taipei’s foremost representative landmark, traveler to Taiwan’s must-visit this food paradise.  This market one of the largest night markets in Taipei. Besides that, Shilin Night market also well known for its variety of traditional food, such as the large intestines, small intestines, and stone hot pot. Shilin Night Market is differentiated into 2 main blocks. First block is commercial street including clothes, shoes, and sports store, while another one is night market food street.

Shilin Night Market, Chicken chop

Shilin Night Market is close to the National Palace Museum, Taipei.  You can look around at Forbidden City in the evening. After that, at night you can go to the night market for food hunting. Must taste the dishes including the old Shilin carbon-roasted corn, Shilin famous spicy bean curd, Shilin sausage, frog laying eggs, oyster omelette and many more.

Getting here:

  • Take MRT to Jiantan Station (Freshwater Line) and walk on foot; OR
  • Take bus 203, 220, 267, 280, 310, 606, etc., that towards Zhongshan North Road and align at Mingtong University Station and walk on foot.

2. NingXia Night Market, Taipei

Taipei night market headstream is actually Ningxia Night Market that has a total length of about 400m. Whereas, this night market comprises part of Minsheng West, Nanjing West and Chongqing North roads. Ningxia Night Market has been reported by many newspaper and food magazines is dominated by traditional Taiwanese snacks where the taste is the most popular for the old Taipei people. The night market separates people and vehicles make it convenient for people to eat and shop.

The food in Ningxia Night Market is full of Taiwanese flavours such as fragrant braised pork rice and chicken rice, sweet and delicious oyster omelette, stinky toufu, freshly-flavoured sand tea beef, and large intestine chop noodles, and nourishing pig liver soup. I will suggest to start from MRT Zhongshan Station and walk all the way to the night market. After done meal from south to north, return to MRT Shuanglian Station and just finish the lap.

Getting here:

  • Take MRT Danshui Line to Zhongshan Station, Exit 1 and walk west of Nanjing West Road (Chengde Road) for 15 minutes.
  • Take MRT Danshui Line to Shuanglian Station, Exit 1 and walk to Minsheng West Road to the west (Chengde Road) for 15 minutes.

3. Raohe Night Market, Taipei

Raohe Night Market is situated in Raohe Street, Songshan District that has approximately 600m long. This night market is one of the most popular sightseeing night markets in Taipei and nearby to Songshan Ciyou Temple. Ciyou Temple is a historical site that was built in 1757, a temple dedicated to Mazu, the god of sea. Moreover, there are more than 200 stalls throughout the night market and the whole row of the street is full of storefronts.

Taiwan Night Market

Must taste the food including Fuzhou pepper cake, medicinal stewed pork ribs, traditional beancurd, spicy stinky tofu, spicy duck blood and oyster misua (vermicelli). In addition to a variety of food, there are also a lot of low-priced fashion items such as hats, shoes, and handbags allow you to stroll around.

Getting here:

  • Take bus 203, 205, 276, 311, 605 and align at Raohe street corner.
  • Take the train at Songshan Railway Station

4. Feng Chia Night Market, Taichung

There is no doubt to say that Feng Chia Night Market is the most popular and prosperous night market in Taichung which everyone will love it. From the side door of Fengjia University extended to Fengjia Night Market in Fuxing Road. This night market is always full of people and food every night, and it is a sleepless city. Many innovative snacks like honey aloe vera, crepe and black pepper bun are originated from Feng Chia Night Market hence it is well known for fascinating food.

Taichung Night Market

There are few special snacks such as black tea stinky tofu, Minglun pancake, Japanese boat octopus ball, Pudage Korean style fried chicken, golden squid with rice and dajia taro dessert. Besides selling all kinds of delicious food, there are also shoes, fashion clothes and accessories, etc.

Getting here:

Transfer from Taichung Railway Station with following the option of the bus and align at Fengjia University Station.

  • Take Tonglian bus No. 25 and No. 125; OR
  • Take Taichung Bus No. 8, No. 29, No. 33, No. 35; OR
  • Take All-Air Passenger Transport bus No. 5

5. Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung

Liuhe Night Market located in Kaohsiung City that has a length of 380m with about 170 stalls. During day time it just an ordinary road. However during the night time it becomes a lively market where many people come and go. Liuhe Night Market has the image of the international-level gourmet sightseeing night market. The most special signature in Liuhe Night Market is steakhouse and seafood shop. The focus selling point of steakhouse is affordable in price and family-style steak packages.

Kaohsiung night market

There are also a booth for entertainment games can found here. Despite seafood, speciality products, cold drinks, and ice products, this night market has everything you need. Some of the must-taste food in Liuhe Night Market are Kaohsiung’s special papaya milk, fried fish soup, pork rib soup, dan zai mian (noodle) and salt steamed shrimp.

Getting here:

  • Take the MRT Orange Line to Formosa Boulevard Station, Exit 11. The left front is the entrance to Liuhe Night Market.

6. Garden Night Market, Tainan

The Garden Night Market is located at Hai’an Road, North District of Tainan. It is a mobilize type of night market in Taiwan that operates only every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Due to this night market is in a fully open area. Therefore, when rainy day it is automatically off, during the normal day it is a parking area. Garden Night Market is divided into four main areas which are food, fashion, boutiques, and entertainment. Each stall merchants have created advertising colourful banners to lift up in front of their stall in order to attract the attention and easily spotted by visitors.

These attractive banners made it as a special feature of Garden Night Market. The food of Tainan Night Market that is hot picked are char-grilled chicken chops, oyster omelette, beef soup, deep-fried crispy squid, braised food and other specialities.

Getting here:

  • From Tainan Train Station (North) take the bus ‘0 left’ for 8 stops and align at Linan Haian Rd. Intersection, walk for another 650m.

7. LuoDong Night Market, Yilan

One of the popular travel options in Yilan is Luodong, and hence Luodong Night Market had become a must-visit place for many travellers. This night market is surrounded around the Luodong Zhongshan Park and occupied a large area of space. The operating hour usually starts from evening 5.00 PM till midnight 1.00 AM. Luodong Night Market selling special traditional snacks and products.

Besides that, there are also cheap clothes stores, shoe stores, etc. Among them, there are a variety of popular food such as mutton soup, roasted meat stick, dangui duck, spring onion pao, crispy pork ribs and many more to attract many tourists to taste.

Getting here:

  • Take the Taitung Railway, align at Luodong Railway Station and walk for 10 minutes.

8. Keelung Miaokou Night Market, Keelung

Keelung Miaokou Night Market is located in the area of ​​Renai District, Keelung City covering from Ren’er Road to Ai San Road, Rensan Road. It is well known for its food paradise that has a history of more than 40 years. The total length of the Keelung Miaokou Night Market is about 400m long that gather nearly 200 stalls.

The food at Keelung had got influenced by Japanese occupation in the past. Therefore, there are many delicious foods that must taste in Keelung Night Market which included a char-grilled sandwich, butter crabs, signature fried noodles, eel stew, Taiwanese style meatball and Taiwanese tempura.

Getting here:

  • From the Keelung Railway station walk for 10 minutes.



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